The company

The company

Tiziano Bonini takes the name from its founder, who has transformed the work about coffee into art.
Our products are positioning on the top of consumers' preferences, both for the excellent Price/quality ratio both for our high quality standards.This has created a relationship based on trust with our customers, that day by day are going to choose Bonini's coffee as a synonym of relaxing moments as in Italy as abroad.
The secret about our high quality is due to an exclusive use of the best coffee beans, which come from the two best-known mixtures: Arabica and Robusta. The first is sweet and fragrant, while the second is more substantial and decisive. At the end of extraction and roasting, our specialists select the best quality to use and start the most important process: the blending stage,
Our blends are the result of ancient recipes handed down by the roaster, then improved with care by our coffee Sommeliers to ensure the maximum flavor and quality to our customers. Bonini’s intent is, without any doubt, to give its customers moments of pleasure through a coffee that never fails.
More than 500,000 loyal customers and further sales lead choose our company that delivers around 500 packages per day in the whole Europe (over 4 million coffee cups sold per month).The constant and ever increasing demands of our customers led us to develop an extensive distribution network in order to guarantee a greater usability of each products. In our shops all customers have the opportunity to try our blends with a greater comfort.
Then arise the Pausa Caffè project oriented towards who want to start with a new business. The guarantee to achieve success is the result of loyal customers and products increasingly demanded thanks to the constantly developing of coffee pods and capsules trademark.


Open a Shop

Why chose Pausa Caffè?

  • exclusive competence area:Each store has its own exclusive competence and circumscribed area, guaranteed by the contract.
  • Partnership with Each shop will take advantages from's customers portfolio. Moreover it will collect commissions for every order placed on the website by all customers living in its area of competence .
  • Range of products: In Pausa Caffe’s store you will be able to sell both original both compatible products for the most famous brands of coffee in the marketplace. This means be up to provide the coffee to every customer that will come in your shop, without necessarily persuade a sales lead to change the coffee machine.
  • Price/ quality ratio: Be the manufacturer is our strong point! We can assure a good markup and, at the same time, we provide your customers with best product at the best price on the trademark.( same prices as )
  • Our warehouse (around 3.500 mq) can provide you with products within 72 hours.

What we are looking for

  • Sales point with 30 square meters at least.
  • Marketing position:Closeness the city center and an high traffic area.
  • Motivated and resourceful person.
  • Willingness to exclusively embrace our project.

What we offer

  • Shop's pre-fitting.(pausa caffè's format).
  • We offer a personalized continuing education course, based in our headquarter, in order to facilitate the learning about our management software.
  • We propose a personalized continuing education course, at your headquarter, developed by our Coffee sommelier that will show you all secrets about the products and blends, in order to satisfy every requests.
  • 5.000 € valued advertising campaign with a strong impact on the area to support you during the shop opening and guarantee, since the first day, an excellent performance.
  • Customers portfolio, exclusive area and commissions on every online-purchases made by customers.
  • Shop management software with detailed sales reports.
  • We support you in selecting the best location.
  • Sales support by phone.
  • Sales appointee about food products that will help you all the necessary time to meet the requirements.
  • Opportunity to sell other food products (Typical or national products) such as wines ( homemade Beers (, cookies, panettone and salami (

Our requests

  • No entry fee and no royalty.
  • An initial small investment that will be used for furniture, set-up of products and advertising campaign for your shop.
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Corner Shop

Corner Shop

The format Pausa Caffè has developed an ideal solution for those who already have a business and want to expand their range of products.
We give the opportunity to include in your activities, an independent exhibition space dedicated to selling Bonini’s coffee pods and capsules.
Suitable solutions for News-stands, tobacco's shops, bars and homeware stores.
The result? A mini shop in your store!
Caffè Bonini besides the products and services, provide you all the know-how and expert advice to start.
The perfect solution to increase your sales value by providing a consumer goods with a strong development.


Our Blends

The company "Bonini S.r.l." is the result of years of experience inside Food and Beverage 's trade made by its founders.
Our coffee Sommeliers daily study and select the best coffee blends to be sure about products high quality and at the same time they follow customers' needs, that always require new ideas during their "coffee break ".

Wide range of compatible products

Developed to be perfectly compatible with all kinds of coffee machines, our capsules are packaged one by one into guaranteed atmosphere to keep fresh and full of flavor our blends. We offer different packages starting from 10 pieces up to 200 pieces package.

  • Compatible capsules with Nespresso®* system
  • Compatible capsules for Lavazza A Modo Mio
  • Compatible capsules for Lavazza Espresso Point
  • Compatible capsules for Lavazza Blue / In Black
  • Compatible capsules for Lavazza Bidose (one capsule, two coffees)
  • Compatible capsules with NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto®* system
  • ESE 44 mm paper pods
  • Compatible capsules for Termozeta
  • Paper pods for Moka Pot
  • Ground coffee
  • Wide range of teas, herbal teas, infusion and flavored coffees
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*הסימנים המסחריים של Nespresso®, NESCAFÉ®, Dolce Gusto® אינם בבעלות של Bonini S.r.l., ואף לא על ידי חברה קשורה.

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